04/09/10 – “Cherry Poppins: The Musical!”

The cast with the night's title-giver: Chris!

Title: “Cherry Poppins″
Title Creator: Chris

Songs included: “We’re Worth the Wait”, “Make a Bad Decision”, “The Creation Fart”
Cast: Joey Bland, Brendan Dowling, John Hartman, Nicky Margolis, Zach Thompson

Audience Favorite Lines included:

Nicky: “I hear a lot stuff happens on college campuses.”
Joey: “Yeah, it’s called getting a degree!”

“Who are you taking to the Abstinence Catillion?

John: “You remember, it was in that book I wrote.”
Zach: “The Indian in the cupboard?”

“The Creation Fart”
John sings about how everyone in Abstinence Corners believes the world was created.

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