04/02/10 – “Spandex 1986: The Musical!”

The cast with the night's title-giver: Adam!

Title: “Spandex 1986″
Title Creator: Adam Enright

Songs included: “I’m Cool (Dad’s Song)”, “Trivalent Bonds”
Cast: Erica Elam, John Hartman, Hans Holsen, Nathan Jansen, Tim Sniffen

Audience Favorite Lines included:

“I was a quarterback, but then I was turned into a witch when we lost the big game. I live in the gingerbread house at the end of the football field.”

“You are young and feeling flirty
But you’ll be ugly when you’re thirty”

This year’s prom theme is: “Trivalent Bonds: The Bonds That Can’t Be Broken Except When Some Nuclear Thing Happens: Back to the Future”!

“Trivalent Bonds”
Tim sings some advice to Erica about how molecular trivalent bonds are much like the bonds between people, while Hans tries to figure out how to sit in a chair backwards.

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  1. Tim Sniffen, ladies and gentlemen.

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