03/12/10 – Zombie Preschool: The Musical!

The cast with the night's title-giver, Tina Radi (& friends!)

Cast: Brendan Dowling, Erica Elam, Jon Hartman, Nicky Margolis, Zach Thompson
Band: Nate Baker, Richie Betts, Jeremy Schmidt, Dan Wessels

SYNOPSIS: Well, everybody, we’re all screwed. The much-prophesized zombie apocalypse has finally happened, and it turns out the zombies are just as miserable about existing as we are (opening number: “It’s Hard to Be Dead”). One father (Zach Thompson) is boarded up in his house with his four-year old daughter, Lilly (Nicky Margolis), but being the bad father he is, just can’t seem to figure out exactly how to care for her.

Meanwhile, Donna (Erica) has officially turned in her two-week notice. Her employer happens to be a zombie named Mr. Stephens (Brendan). Donna was hired to watch Mr. Stephen’s son, little Benjamin (Jon), but she let him watch Blue Velvet (rated R!), forgot to feed Benjamin the casserole of brains left in the fridge, and she remains underpaid (only 8 zombie bucks an hour). There is also some kind of creepy human/zombie relationship between Mr. Stephens and Donna, in addition to the existing creepy dad/babysitter relationship. Donna tries to talk with her boyfriend Brent about the problems in her life, but he really hates her stories. Especially flashbacks and sweep edits.

And if the zombie apocalypse is getting you down, just live by the motto of the town’s local college students/professional zombie shooters/thugs: “It’s like spring break for our whole lives and nothing’s illegal!” They try to bully Old Lady Withers (Nicky) into paying them for protection, citing that her son Thurgood (Jon) can’t protect her. Says Thurgood in his defense: “I don’t think Thurgood Withers, kindergarten teacher, is a pussy!”

Out to prove that he is indeed tough, Thurgood goes out to check on all of his kindergarten students. When he makes it to Lilly’s house, zombies have just eaten her awful father (They were disguised as Peapod deliverymen). She takes the death surprisingly well, just in time to sing a song to inspire confidence in Thurgood (“Confidence”)!

Mr. Stephens has a bonding moment with his son with a touching song (“My Mom is Dead”), and then he has to go to the store for batteries. The college student thugs have taken over the convenience store, and they harass Mr. Stephens for being a zombie, in an scene that really has a lot of social commentary. Brendan is also jerking off in the store’s bathroom the entire time.

Thurgood and Lilly make it safely to the mall’s Build-a-Bear workshop, where Thurgood thinks it would be safest. Instead, it turns out to be the worst possible place, as the zombies are coming, and they’re everywhere! (one even manages to bite the piano player) As valiantly as everyone fights, the zombies are just too much, that is until the Build-a-Bear manager uses her taser on the zombies. Lo and behold, tasing a zombie turns them back into a human! Everyone gets their tasers out, and prepare to bring the zombie apocalypse (and spring break) to an end.

Features songs as: “It’s Hard to Be Dead”, “My Mom is Dead”, “Confidence”, and “Let’s Go Kill Some Zombies”

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