06/04/10 – “Jello Pudding Candy That’s Also Chocolate: The Musical”

(Yes, that was actually the title!)

The cast with Alicia, the night's title-giver!

Cast: Amanda Blake Davis, Aidy Bryant, Nicky Margolis, Tim Ryder, Tim Sniffen
Band: Richie Betts, Chris Ditton, Kevin Florian, Dan Wessels

Songs: “It Sucks Having a Ghost Mom”, “Beverly Talbot’s Pissed”, “The Cosby Copter”

Ghost Mom comes back every hour for fifteen seconds to talk to her daughter, and has been doing so ever since she died at childbirth.

“You know, it’s probably your fault that your mother is dead.”

Tim Ryder doing some amazing Bill Cosby impressions.

Beverly Talbot doesn’t want anyone in the town eating candy. And she is pissed!

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  1. I am in love with you guys.

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