July, 2010

07/02/10 – “The Halitosis Diaries”

Cast: Amanda Blake Davis, Christy Bonstell, Josh Breit, Tim Stoltenberg, Sam Super
Band: Joe Clark, Chris Ditton, Kevin Florian, Doug Levin, Dan Wessels

Songs included: “There’s Something Rotten in My Mouth”, “Take Your Teeth Seriously”, “We Know About Stickin’ Balls in a Hole”

Audience’s favorite bits:
“I wish you’d go back to Cleveland.”
“It’s a third world country!!”

“I have an alibi that is airtight – I was watching a movie by myself.”

Genie Lebron James, Genie Dwayne Wade, and Genie Chris Bosh end their song “We Know About Stickin’ Balls in a Hole” with a freeze frame high five.

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