07/02/10 – “The Halitosis Diaries”

Cast: Amanda Blake Davis, Christy Bonstell, Josh Breit, Tim Stoltenberg, Sam Super
Band: Joe Clark, Chris Ditton, Kevin Florian, Doug Levin, Dan Wessels

Songs included: “There’s Something Rotten in My Mouth”, “Take Your Teeth Seriously”, “We Know About Stickin’ Balls in a Hole”

Audience’s favorite bits:
“I wish you’d go back to Cleveland.”
“It’s a third world country!!”

“I have an alibi that is airtight – I was watching a movie by myself.”

Genie Lebron James, Genie Dwayne Wade, and Genie Chris Bosh end their song “We Know About Stickin’ Balls in a Hole” with a freeze frame high five.

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06/25/10 – Disney Princess Whorehouse: The Musical!

The cast with the night's title giver: Calli Dollinger!

Cast: Aidy Bryant, Ross Bryant, Amanda Blake Davis, Erica Elam, Hans Holsen, Tim Sniffen, Zach Thompson
Band: Nate Baker, Richie Betts, Nick Stankus, Dan Wessels

Songs: “We Love You, Balls the Janitor”, “At the Juke Joint”, “What’s Not to Like?”

Audience’s favorite lines:
“Hold up! Prostitutes should go after men who don’t have sex?!”

Zach: “The town brothel just lowered it’s standards. (points to self) Real low!”

“My heart broke into a million pieces!”
“Yeah, well mine broke into a thousand!”

Video clip coming soon!

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6/18/10 – “My Left Foot Looks Like a Dinosaur: The Musical”

Cast: Amanda Blake Davis, Joey Bland, Christy Bonstell, Erica Elam, Nicky Margolis, Thomas Middleditch, Tim Sniffen
Band: Richie Betts, Chris Ditton, Kevin Florian, Dan Wessels

Songs included: “God Can do Anything (Don’t Ever Question God)”, “The African Moon”, “Searching for Bobby”

Audience’s favorite bits:
“Oh, key change!”

“Hi there! Welcome to the loneliest museum in town.”

“I’m gonna kill your son! If I can’t make a life, I’ll take a life!”

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06/04/10 – “Jello Pudding Candy That’s Also Chocolate: The Musical”

(Yes, that was actually the title!)

The cast with Alicia, the night's title-giver!

Cast: Amanda Blake Davis, Aidy Bryant, Nicky Margolis, Tim Ryder, Tim Sniffen
Band: Richie Betts, Chris Ditton, Kevin Florian, Dan Wessels

Songs: “It Sucks Having a Ghost Mom”, “Beverly Talbot’s Pissed”, “The Cosby Copter”

Ghost Mom comes back every hour for fifteen seconds to talk to her daughter, and has been doing so ever since she died at childbirth.

“You know, it’s probably your fault that your mother is dead.”

Tim Ryder doing some amazing Bill Cosby impressions.

Beverly Talbot doesn’t want anyone in the town eating candy. And she is pissed!

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05/22/10 – “Queen of the Baby Sitters Club”

Cast: Michael Kayne, Eliza Skinner, Desiree Nash, Peter Gwinn, Bob Kulhan, Stuart Ranson
Band: Jody Shelton, Keith Golden, Steve Jabas, David Moore

1. Fuck Rhonda
2. You Gotta Get Crazy… at 13
3. There’s a Wheelchair Boy Detective on the Scene

1. Rhonda’s Boyfriend- Hurry up and put those kids to bed, my boner is getting tired!
2. You’re like a mermaid but with legs.
3. The flyer did say “My wife recently died and I am emotionally available. Please babysit my kids.”

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05/14/10 – “Jersey Whore”

Cast:Christy Bonstell, Aidy Bryant, Erica Elam, Hans Holsen, Nathan Jansen, Nicky Margolis, Tim Sniffen
Opener “We’re Family, and Family’s First”

Songs: “That’s the Life of a Jersey Girl”, “Brotherly Love”, “Our Missing Daughter- Who’s Not Really Missing, We Gave Her Away”,

Audience’s favorite bits:

Erica (to Scamps): You move like there are tiny little explosions happening on the bottom of your feet!

Hans Holsen stopping whatever he is doing, doing one push-up, then continuing whatever it was he was doing.

Tim Sniffen (to Josh every time they were in a scene together): “Is it true you’ve never been in love?”

At the very end of the show, everyone decides to go home with the parents to Deleware in their private helicopter, which promptly crashes to the ground. The end!

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05/07/10 – “Skanks on a Plane”

Cast: Christy Bonstell, Josh Breit, Brendan Dowling, Erica Elam, Nathan Jansen, Nicky Margolis
Title given by:
Songs: “We’re Flying High”, “Give Me What I Want”, “Your Body is a Temple”

Audience’s favorite bits:
“If there’s one thing we’re going to do this spring break, sluts, it’s skank it up!”

Maid: “I will be over here. In the maid’s closet.”

“This rickshaw has a hidden compartment full of Brie!”

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04/30/10 – “John Bender’s Oil Spill”

Cast: Christy Bonstell, Josh Breit, Aidy Bryant, Erica Elam, Nathan Jansen
Title given by:
Songs: “John’s Got Me All Wet”, “Paris”, “I’m Gonna Be a Swan”

Audience’s favorite bits:
“Sure it didn’t make sense, but we’d do it just to prove how mad at the Nazis we were.”

Every cast member coming together Voltron-style to create a motorcycle for Christy to ride

Christy: “What do you think, audience? Should I have sex or stay on my motorcycle?”
(audience shouts their opinion)
Christy: “I’ve got it! I’m going to have sex with you on the motorcycle!”

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04/16/10 – “Italian Beef Mafia: The Musical!”

The Cast with the night's title giver: Stacey!

Title: “Italian Beef Mafia″
Title Creator: Stacey Smith

Songs included: “Crime Pays”, “The History of the DeVincencio Family: Part 1″, “Town Called Justice”
Cast: Joey Bland, Josh Breit, Aidy Bryant, Erica Elam, Hans Holsen, Al Samuels

Audience Favorite Lines included:

“In a recession, the only things that pay are crime and pornography.”

“You know what you can do?!”
“Yeah, I know what I can do.”

“She’s the star of the classiest porno: The Fart Locker.”

“Crime Pays” – The night’s opening number!

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04/09/10 – “Cherry Poppins: The Musical!”

The cast with the night's title-giver: Chris!

Title: “Cherry Poppins″
Title Creator: Chris

Songs included: “We’re Worth the Wait”, “Make a Bad Decision”, “The Creation Fart”
Cast: Joey Bland, Brendan Dowling, John Hartman, Nicky Margolis, Zach Thompson

Audience Favorite Lines included:

Nicky: “I hear a lot stuff happens on college campuses.”
Joey: “Yeah, it’s called getting a degree!”

“Who are you taking to the Abstinence Catillion?

John: “You remember, it was in that book I wrote.”
Zach: “The Indian in the cupboard?”

“The Creation Fart”
John sings about how everyone in Abstinence Corners believes the world was created.

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